On May 4, 2012 the GCE catalysts team went to a Q&A with the Orbit Media Studio team. Amanda Gant who is the marketing and relationship maneger introduced us to the CEO Todd Gettelfinger.  Todd introduced us to Orbit Media Studios and explained the history of Orbit. Todd’s role in the company is to handle and work with the money and business and trying to keep the clients happy. One of the things he mentions was that the first year orbits, 2 people worked out of an apartment on flash. He also told us that Orbit has created website like, Gibson’s Restaurant and Fleet Feet. As he continued on with his presentation, he answered one of my questions, how many projects do you do in a day? He told us that one project takes about 10 to 12 weeks for certain companies, but it can also range to 10 to 12 months to finish a project.

We also talked to Marry Fran, who is the web designer for the Orbit team. Mary’s role is to create backgrounds and designs for websites. During her presentation, she talked about her past and how she got into the web designing business. For example, she told us that she was into fashion and all she wanted to do was make her own cloths. But, she got tired of it because it was more labor than creativity, so she wanted to do something that takes creativity. Mary ended up getting a job interview with Orbit and joined the team as a web designer. At the end of her presentation she explained to us that we have to do what we want to do, and she said it is ok if it takes time to find what we want to do.

Sam ward was the last presenter of the day, and he is the web developer/ coder for websites.  In his presentation, he talked about what he uses to code websites, which are PHP and Java Script. He also talked about being a developer for the website and what he needed to do on a daily bases. To end his presentation he was telling us that we should always ask question and to always be humble when you say you don’t know how to do a certain thing.

In conclusion I learned three mane things, never be afraid to ask question, never be afraid to show your work, and be humble if you don’t know a certain thing in web designing.