For my endurance English/History class we got to teach the class a 6 minute lesson on something that was important and relevant to us. We formatted our class with a kautylia plan, with 7 steps involved.  You answer why, how, who, how much, where, when, and what if. Once you have filled out the answers to those prompts you are ready to go. Here is my lesson plan, teaching people how to focus.


The purpose of this class is to attempt to identify and eliminate lapses of focus in myself and almost everyone else. I want to accomplish being able to focus on command, or learn the steps to know how to be able to focus on command.  This is important and relevant because being able to focus even when it’s difficult is something I’m fairly good at, but need to get better at in a lot of situations. These situations differ from practicing basketball, to being in class, and especially doing homework before procrastinating or blowing it off. The get the ability to focus on command during these situations would increase my overall performance by a lot.


At the end I will have taught myself and others, the steps needed to obtain the ability to focus on command. I will do this by conducting a class that will go like this.

At the beginning of class I will hand everyone a note card and a piece of paper. It will appear as though everyone is about to conduct the same task but only 1 card/paper will be a test. The other cards will have discreet prompts on how to distract the person taking the test. The test will last for 2 minutes. The introduction to the exercise and settling down will take 1 minute.



After this experiment I will ask people to read what they had on their cards and then ask the test taker what they had running through their mind during the 2 minutes. Then for the last minute/2 I will talk about ways to focus during class or studying/taking a test. These ways include anticipating your needs (water, food), put away distractions like a phone, and if you are antsy/active have a small rock/rubberband/ball to play with in your hand. If you are at home studying walk around as you read. To eliminate test anxiety try to realize you won’t get a perfect score and you will get things wrong, it’s ok. Then will say thanks.



The test :