In our Endurance class we are studying characters who display an exceptional amount of mental endurance. In our class we see mental endurance as the ability to compartmentalize all the obstacles that lie before in order to endure and reach your goal. I was lucky enough to read The Hounds of Baskerville. Sherlock Holmes amazing abilities of observation, deduction and cunning to solve mysteries. He shows great mental endurance with his ability to maintain perspective throughout the case in order to solve it. He is able to keep all of his thoughts organized and was able to think through all the aspects of the case. Unfortunately, not everyone has Sherlock Holmes’s mental ability so the rest of us have to rely on lists. I decided to implement the use of the lists in my life. This is an organizational tool that not only helps me keep track of my daily life but helps me feel in control over everything I have to get accomplished.

My Mission Plan:

To improve my life, time management, organizational skills. Lists allow people to keep track of everything going on in their life and it’s all in one place. It’s simple and easy to do.
I will make lists every day in order to help me keep track of everything I need to do. These lists will include tasks from: School, daily tasks, home inventory. By the end of this project I will be able to manage my time in a more efficient manner as well as be much more on top of my daily tasks. This will also provide me with a sense of security because I won’t have to constantly think of all the things I have to do on any given day.
Who? Zach Silver and my dad, Ron Silver

How many? 1 list per-day. This will be a list will all of my daily tasks and all of my long term tasks. My list will also have daily goals that are reasonable and obtainable. It would be ridiculous to think I could get everything done everyday. These goals will be the essential things on your list. That way if those are the only things you get done, you still feel accomplished. My daily tasks will include: going to get groceries, cleaning my apartment, and doing laundry. My long term tasks will include: Homework assignments, future appointments, and my job schedule.

Where? On Zach Silver’s computer on his Wunderlist App

When? From now until graduation. I make my lists when I wake up in the morning and check it throughout the day. I do one last check before I go to sleep.

What If?

What if I forget to make a list or leave something off my list?

My Lesson Plan:

I was thinking about giving people an overwhelming amount of tasks and asking them to remember them without writing anything down. I will then explain to the class the importance of lists. I will show them how keeping a daily list can help them keep on track

Q? How can people use lists to organize themselves and alleviate their own stress?
Why? The reason why I want to do this is due to the fact that I have found that keeping lists truly helps. I want to show how lists can make an overwhelming amount of tasks seem reasonable while motivating you along the way.
I want to start the class by reciting a list of items and asking if anyone can tell me what they are. After that I will do a powerpoint on my mission and how I applied it in my life. Then I will ask people to tell me the items again (they won’t know about the re-quiz). After this
How many? 1 presenter (me) and 11 classmate
When & Where? For 6 min on Thursday, May 3rd
What if?
What if the students find my presentation boring?
I will think of extra exercises

Please enjoy my presentation!