The purpose of this lesson is to learn and understand where we come from and what makes us who we are. Identity is the biggest part of who we are because most people’s blood is connected to their grandparents. In my school, about 50% of people are from a country different from the USA. Sometimes, when we move to another country, we lose/forget our original identity, which means we lose ourselves.

Here is a little bit of my mission plan:

Guiding Question

Why is important not forget and learn our culture and where we are from?


To visit Burma is a chance to re-bring memory and to re-born my identity. Visiting Burma is good for me because I want to learn what I don’t know yet about my culture.

One of my biggest dreams is to make something that cannot disappear, vanish, be forgotten, be avoided… and never dies. Everyone has a mission, but: does your mission have a lesson for the world?

Are mission and dream the same? I believe they are not the same, because mission is what you have to accomplish and dream is your imagination. So, I believe it’s better to have a mission than just a dream that will never come true all night long. Dreams cannot come true if you do not wake up and work the whole day. 🙂


I will get many experiences about USA and about how Chin people earn money in America, so I can teach Chin people in Burma what I saw and learned.

When I teach my experience, I will also learn their experiences from them.

I am going to make a cultural film for the future, like Fermat, the famous French mathematician who made a theorem that was useful and challenging for the future.

I am talk about Fermat, because we studied mental endurance to understand and create our own missions.