For the second milestone of the MDG course, I interviewed a doctor about infant mortality rates in Chicago as well as globally. I conducted this interview in order to get a better idea of a topic in which I am not familiar with and the responses and interview.

In order to find more information about children’s health in general, I talked to a doctor that lives down the street from me. His name is Lew Coulson and he works at the veterans hospital in Chicago. He did not have much knowledge about the millennium development goals, but he did acknowledge that children’s health is a growing problem around the world. He noted that specifically in Africa there is been a significant amount of trouble in comparison to other regions. When asked what the main reason for the malnutrition and lack of sustenance for children is, he stated that it is the socioeconomic problems such as lack of funds for food and lack of proper resources to grow foods. He stated that to fix these problems of children’s health, we have to supply more financial support in order to pay for the planting of crops and the delivery of food to keep the young generation healthy and alive.