For this milestone, I was to create an action plan concerning the environmental sustainability and connectivity of Chicago. The following paragraph is my action plan with an image to convey my idea.

The city of Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States, therefore there is most likely an issue with the urban setting and what it does to the environment. There are many parks and trees located around the city, but is that enough? A plan to create a more environmentally friendly and efficient city is necessary. The plan would be a three year operation to create a greener Chicago for all of its people to feel better and enjoy the scenery. A three year plan would be implemented in order to plant stronger and longer lasting trees, as well as create rooftop gardens. The idea behind the rooftop gardens is to take unused space and create an environmentally stimulating and visually stimulating space. In order to implement the three year plan, each year 33% of roofs will be changed into rooftop gardens and a number of trees will be raised in the newly created sapling nursery. After three years there will be a significant increase in environmental sustainability due to the gardens and the saplings that will be planted throughout the city.