For Student Enterprise, we went to the Embassy Suites where a casting call for Shark Tank was held. Shark Tank is a television series that features a panel of “Sharks” (wealthy investors) who consider investment requests from entrepreneurs for their business or product. The casting call is the chance for an entrepreneur to apply for his/her chance to be on Shark Tank. We got the opportunity to interview entrepreneurs and practice networking.

The Enterprise course is at a stage where it is important to investigate and explore entrepreneurial ideas and concepts to further deepen our knowledge of business plans. As we are writing our own business plans, we are discovering how to overcome the challenges that develop along the way. The entrepreneurs we spoke to at Shark Tank shared their useful experiences with us.

I recall speaking to two entrepreneurs who provided quality answers to my questions. The first, Laura Ramsey, was there to represent The Clear Bag Store as their director of sales and marketing. The Clear Bag Store sells clear bags and accessories for work, school, and travel. The business has been active for three years now and applied to Shark Tank because of a growing demand for their products. When asked about how she felt about being at the casting call, Laura Ramsey noted that she was excited because, if a person is willing to take the risk to start their business, then pitching an idea to Shark Tank is worth all the risk. The second business founders I spoke to were from Door 2 Door Global. Door 2 Door Global provides aid in transportation for children, matured loved ones, those with disabilities, and many others who request the assistance. There is a strong sense of purpose within the business to provide care for people who require an unique sense of safety. I found that it was very helpful to speak with people who believed in their business’s mission and were willing to take any risk.

The time we spent interviewing people at the casting call helped each student to develop their business plan in a different way. For me, I enjoyed the experience of networking and asking questions to entrepreneurs with more experience. Meanwhile, the writing of my business plan that is aligned with a Millennium Development Goal continues to progress. What I learned from this field experience will give me a guide to direct my business.