For the Student Enterprise course, we have been watching Shark Tank, the television series about entrepreneurs pitching their start-ups to shark investors in hopes of getting an investment in exchange for a percentage of equity. A week ago, we were all thrilled to discover that our teacher Mr. Bae planned for us to go to the Shark Tank casting call in Chicago!

This experience was amazing, my classmates and I got the opportunity to network and learn about other people’s business ventures and strategies, which really helped my partner GL and I think about our own business plan. My favorite piece of advice I got was from a man named Erik Thompson, a personal trainer for a gym called Snap Fitness. He told us that we have to have thick skin. In this business you get a lot of no’s, but it’s important not to get discouraged. This was helpful to my own business plan because I know that it’s not easy to create a non-profit organization these days, and given that I would need donations and investors to start and sustain this venture, I have to prepare for rejection, work hard, and maintain my commitment to my vision!