I fell in love with New Orleans the minute I set foot on it’s sinking land.  My love for this eccentric city combined with my love for working with people and making are guided me to find my mission.  My mission is to create a community cultural center in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward.  This area of the Big Easy was among the most affected areas after Hurricane Katrina.  The purpose of my Kautilya lesson was to demonstrate community organizing, and I strove to achieve this through a simple and fun lesson I created in lieu of my current project in my art course, “String Theory”, in which I’m working with my peers to create music for our final puppet show.

I chose to plan a short introduction in which I expressed my love for the city of New Orleans, shared a video I created from my most recent trip down there, and expressed my reasoning for my mission.  Then, I had my classmates form a circle in the middle of the room and told them that we were going to create a soundscape.  It’s a pretty simple concept, we all stand in a circle and one person starts with a simple repetitive sound; each person adds a new repetitive sound that follows the rhythm of the first sound… until everyone is singing their own individual sounds.

I’m proud of how well the entire lesson turned out; everyone was excited and really bought into my lesson plan, and were enthusiastic about my message.  I learned that when creating a lesson, time management is everything!