In the Endurance course, we are learning about an old military strategy called Kautilya. For our second Milestone Project, I created a mission plan with goals to myself and a lesson plan to teach the class about my mission.


The purpose of my lesson plan was to teach my classmates to remember how valuable life is, as well as to realize the importance of somebody and of a moment in time.

The purpose of my general mission is to help me realize the amazing life I have and how to be grateful for it on a consistent basis.  By the end of this mission, I will have made thank you cards about moments and encounters that I valued and shared (or wish I had shared) with someone. Then I will keep a copy of the thank you cards (for me to look back on) and send the original cards to the people with whom I shared (or wish I had shared) these moments.


During my lesson, I first shared an inspirational quote and expressed how my mission is based on gratitude. Then I had the class close their eyes, get comfortable and think about a special moment in life. I asked my peers to think about the moment, the scenery, the feelings and the little things not many people notice.

Then, I asked them to write a letter to someone who they shared this moment with… or wished to have shared this moment with. My directions were: save a copy for yourself and send the original to the person you are thanking.

what for…

By doing this project I really hope the class got to reflect and go back in time to this moment and cherish it more than they did when it happened. Every second goes by, and there are no chances to get it back. I hope my peers learned to value a bit more the moments in their lives that pass so fast.