Why did we visit them?

We visited these people because we are working on HTML coding.  Orbit Media Studios is a web design company.  We went to learn about their work, and how they use different technologies to design web pages for customers.

What did you learn?

I learned that OMS does not only work to get money, but they also want to make their clients happy at the same time.  They have many different parts to their business, like marketing, sales, deploy, web strategy, project management and many others. There are only 30 employees working there, but everyone does two things at the same time.

How did this FE support your learning in the course?

What I learned in this FE is that all the people in the company have different jobs, and their work is complicated because it has to be approved by the customer before they publish their work.  Also, they advised us not to worry in high school if we don’t choose the career we like now, we can still make a choice in college.

Where did we go?

We went to Orbit Media Studios.  They are web designers in Chicago.

Who did we listen to?

Todd Gettelfinger is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He makes sure that clients are getting exceptional service, financial goals are met, and the Orbiteers are happy.

Sam Ward is the web developer, working on the coding for the web.

Mary Fran Wiley is a web designer.  She works with clients to ensure that they end up with an attractive website.

Amanda Gant is working as the marketing and relationship manager, she manages client needs and pulls all the pieces together, finding the right people to execute them.