For our field experience for Student Enterprise class we went to observe the Chicago casting call for Shark Tank. We had the privilege of talking to a lot of business owners, entrepreneurs, and people who worked for or with shark tank. While observing we talked to a variety of people who were auditioning. We started the conversation off by asking if they had time to talk for two minutes and then if they said yes we talked to them about our school and our class. then we asked them how did they get the idea for their business and product,  how did they get their ideas from paper or in their head to an actual product and what advice would they give to young entrepreneurs as ourselves? Surprisingly from a variety of people most said something we had already talked about in class which was finding a need, finding out how many people had this need, create something that fulfills this need, figure out the market, and start selling. For advice there were a lot of different answers for example, be passionate, work hard, do your research, be creditable and reliable, and the number one answer NEVER GIVE UP!!!  My favorite business idea and product was this guy name Robert Helm whose business was a fitness training center powered by renewable energy. His idea was the exercise machines will be used to generate energy and the customers will get money taking off of their payments for all the energy they generate. I think the idea was great and I’m surprised no one thought of it sooner. It was a great experience and many of the entrepreneurs are interested in visiting  our school and helping in any way they can.