In our drama class, we created dialogue for a play that shows equality in some way, for example you can show it by a man fighting a woman and they make up at the end, (which is what I did). In the dialogue JH and I created, we chose to use Hillary Clinton, Chris Brown and Kate from Taming of the Shrew. We chose to use Hillary Clinton because she is a great example of a woman who has worked hard to get where she is in life right now. We chose Chris Brown because he was a good example of someone who was against woman at one point because he beat up his girlfriend Rihanna. We chose Kate because she was a great example of a compromise because at some point in the play she was standing up for herself and in other parts of the play, she was obeying her husband. If I had the chance to change the dialogue, I would not change it because I was glad that the two separate ways. They would not be able to stay together at all. I liked writing the dialogue better than creating our monologue because I felt like I could be more creative with the story, like instead of being MLK, I can be Chris Brown.

Chris Brown: All right we are going to Passion Pit
*Chris Brown grabs Hillary Clinton and starts pulling her to come with

*Hillary Clinton pushes Chris Brown Away
Hillary Clinton: Hah! We are going to The Black Keys!

Chris Brown: No Hillary we are going to passion pit, now come on
*Chris Brown grabs Hillary Clinton’s arm to head towards passion pit

*Hillary Clinton Shoves arm away again
Hillary Clinton: Chris The Black Keys are way better th—

Chris Brown: So, we goin to passion pit, I’m the man here and what I say goes, right Kate?

*Kate looks surprised
Kate: Well, if Chris says he wants to go to passion pit, I would affect (prefer) to
Go with him Hillary.

*Hillary Clinton looks shocked
Hillary Clinton: you are gonna let a *man* talk to you like that, like he owns you?  I’ve been standing up for what is right and doing what a *man* wants just because he is a man is not right. I had to stand up in the democratic debate in CNN against men, and did I back down.

Chris Brown: Listen to kate, she has the right mindset. You need to start listening or bad things are going to happen…. remember what I said in my interview with ABC, I went crazy but I can go crazy again on you!
*Pulls Hillary towards him

Hillary Clinton: What do you have to say for yourself kate, after all the things you needed to do to get your freedom and you treat me like this.

Chris Brown: Be quiet
*angry face

Kate: Chris, why do you want to go to passion pit and not let kate go to the black keys?  Why are you controlling her? Why won’t you let Hillary do what she wants to do?  Why don’t you guys split for the concert. Hillary you can do what ever you want, remember I tried to fight against patricio, but I guess I did not have enough in me.

*Hillary Clinton breaks away from Chris
Hillary Clinton: She is right, why don’t we just go separate ways for this concert and meet up after.

Chris Brown: No, Now you listen to me, if you don’t come with me, I will doff (remove) you from my friends list.
*Hilary walks away

Hillary Clinton: Gramercies Kate, Chris, you have shown me domineer (power) for too long, and I thought I had treachery (respect)  for you.

Chris Brown: YOU ARE A ingrate (person that shows no attitude) person