In my drama class we were doing the play Taming of the Shrew and we have to choose three participants for a dialogue.

My three participants are Kate, Hilary and Abigail, these people have different viewpoints on their positions as women. Kate believes she should not be treated the same as her husband.  Hilary is fighting for men and women to be equal in under the law.  Abigail believes women should stand and speak for themselves, so their voices are known.

If I  were the one of them my last word would be that women and men are equal because eventhough everybody has different roles, they should not be arguing about who has the hardest job.  Each of them is meaningful.

I like the dialogue because I like when people have different opinions and you listen to others’ ideas.
Listening to my competitors.
This is happening in the restaurant

Should women be treated differently from men?

Kate: I shouldn’t  be the same as my husband because  he has power greater than me. My husband has gone around the world to look for food when I am just at home. “Thy husband is thy lord,thy life thy,keeper,thy,head,thy sovereign,one that cares for thee,And for thy maintenance commits  his body.”

Hilary Rosen: We should be equal with men because we do the same work. “I have no judgments about women who work outside the home vs women who work in the house raising a family.”What is the difference between men and women?
What is most important about both?

Abigail: The difference between men and women  is that women work very hard to raise their children and men just  come home from work and watch the basketball game.

Hilary: That is not true, because some of the men help their women not everybody feels the same way.

Kate: You are right Hilary, but most men struggle for good life for  their families

Abigail Adams: No we should not let men speak for us we should be stublem to ourselves for our voice to be known in public and everywhere we go. “Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the husbands ladies.”

Kate: we shouldn’t be shrew to our husbands,we have to find peace to one another.Why do you think we should treat women different from men?

Abigail Adams: Men are oblivious of us, but we should have right  to protect ourselves. because we do everything at home,carries baby for nine month in the womb, and wakes up at night to take care of them.

Hilary Rosen: If the  men are not there for us we shouldn’t be called women.They are there for us and we are here for them.

Abigail Adams:We shouldn’t be groom for men,they should  take care of us all the time because of all pain we pass through.

Kate: I should be courteous to my husband  and respect him.

Hilary Rosen: We are pithy to one another as we known.
Abigail: Thanks everybody for the great dinner we had together.