The purpose of this endurance challenge was to spend 24 hours investigating challenges in my life, using examples of my personal experiences to dive deeper into creating a better path. I was working on a mission I’m passionate about and want to continue to remember this project through out my entire life.

I decided to create a mission a plan which was a way for me to teach myself how to appreciate my life more and how to be grateful for things in my life, even when it is hard to have gratitude towards your life. For 24 hours I had goals I would do, such as writing thank you letters to people, or wishing someone was with me while experiencing a great moment.

The hardest part was trying to be optimistic about the many hours. I have many obstacles in my life, which brought back memories while doing this challenge. It was a very emotional experience, so trying to remember the good in my life was and will always be the hardest challenge I have.

If I knew it beforehand, I would have made sure I was in the right state of mind. While doing this I had a lot of emotional memories which made me less appreciative, making this journey hard to fulfill.

I am proud of how all the work turned out to be. I have many personal memories: being able to share them with others makes me happy and proud; in the end, this hard work payed off and is something I can always go back and look at.