Why should everyone have health care?
In our global health cure class, we were doing a project about health care. We have to find a doctor who knows about health care. I interviewed two doctors from different places. The reason I did this is to find more information about health care in America.

Attention Chicago, this is RJ. I am here today to report you about our health care .  We were collecting some information from doctors who have experience with health care. I did a interview with Allison Cavallo. She is a pathologist MD at Rush University, resident at University of Chicago. She got an undergraduate degree at University of Michigan(Spanish degree). And Eric Larson he is managing partner and MBA of University of Chicago graduate school of business.

What I have learned from this two doctors is that we have some health care problems in the U.S. They rated the U.S health care poorly on and not enough resources go into research and preventive medicine. Eric said, “ For people who don’t have insurance, the best thing is to provide them with a safety net.”  Alison said,” she would like to provider public health care to everyone who don,t have insurance”. The doctor have to be patient because it is not a easy job to do it. The first thing you have to do is to save a life before you think about money. This is RJ from GCE signing out from news report.