The purpose of this Endurance challenge was to learn how to face my mission and how I can endure it mentally and physically — understanding how people endured the challenges that they have in their lives.  Everyone endures something in their lives, but sometimes we don’t even realize what is our endurance.

I decided to endure 12 hours of my mission to learn about Chicago, Americans, CTA and myself in USA. My mission is to make a film of my (Chin, Zotung) culture in Burma, to teach about USA’s way of life and to learn about my culture from “Burmese” people.

The hardest part was to edit my videos: bringing all the clips together and cutting parts I do not need. Also you do not want to forget anything required in this assignment. If I knew it beforehand, I would have edited the video clips right after I recorded the videos. I am proud that I read a book that I can totally connect to my mission and to learn about myself and others.

Here is my 12 hours (in less than 3min) Endurance video