In our GCE Drama class our milestone 3 was to structure a conversation for the class to participate in. Our topic had to be about gender equality,and we had to create a guiding question. My guiding question was: Is there a power struggle between men and women?

Milestone Three
Lesson Plan
Guiding Question: Is there a power struggle between men and women?
Introduction to topic:
Video clip
Scene: The First Wives Club 

Starter: Get Conversation Flowing:
#1 Do you think men and women are born with a competitive instinct between them?
If so, why and in what aspects of life?

#2 Is competion important? Why?

#3 Do you think competition is created by society?  Is it an individual choice? Or both?

#4 Is competition the same thing as a power struggle? Why or why not?

#5 Where and when do you see power struggles? Do these struggles apply to men or women? Or both?

Circle Discussion

Individual Reflection:
Illustrate Metaphor

Group Reflection:
Share Metaphors

Close Out:
Closing thoughts- Here I will ask someone as a closer; to please answer the guiding question

I think the most effective thing I did to engage participants in my guiding question was having everyone take the quiz because they had to immediately think and write down their thoughts. Next time I would be more prepared by having a stopwatch so I could time each part of my lesson. I also would have all of my materials put aside in advance; to be more prepared. I would say that my opinion about the guiding question hasn’t changed because when I picked it I didn’t have a definite answer and I still don’t. I would say that my opinion has evolved after hearing thoughts from classmates. As a facilitator I learned that questions are the most important part of conversation even if no one can answer them. Because questions are essential to digging deeper and challenging yourself and without those things the conversation can be boring or useless.