For my third milestone in global health cure class, I had to create a news report talking about the United States health care. To conduct my news report,  we visited a private equity firm called Linden LLC. Linden LLC specifically works with health care companies around the world so its employees were the perfect people to interview.  I interviewed one of the co-owners, Eric C. Larson and one of his employees Dr. Neel Varshney.

Please read my script and listen to my personal news report below!

News Script:

Gooooooooood mmmmmoooorning Chicago Illinois and man do I, HD, have a special news report for you today. On May 18 2012,  I visited Linden LLC with my GCE news crew and interviewed two esteemed employees of Linden LLC. Linden LLC is a private equity firm that works specifically with healthcare companies around the world and is based in downtown Chicago. The 2 interviewees were Eric C Larson, and Dr. Neel Varshney. Eric C. Larson has an AB in biology from Harvard College and an MBA from University of Chicago Business school. Dr. Neel Varshney is a Harvard Medical School trained physician, who has a joint degree in medical technology from MIT and before that was a Rhodes Scholar. I asked these two a few questions about the United States health care and what they would like to see change about healthcare in general.

When I asked what Eric feels constitutes basic health care for everyone he responded saying, well I would say everyone’s basic healthcare changes depending on their situation. For example, someone who received an injury in lets say the Iraq war would need different health care than someone who has some kind of terminal illness. Therefore it’s kind of hard to say what really constitutes basic health care in the United States, but I can say that one thing that should be in the basic health care for everyone is the proper safe care needed to keep people healthy. Dr. Varshney agreed with Eric’s comment on what he feels constitutes basic health care for all.

Afterwards, I asked Dr. Varshney if he feels private health care is better than public or vice versa. In his opinion he said, “I feel that there are pros and cons of both. Each one has its flaws and therefore I believe the best health care would most likely be a combination of the two. That way we can improve the negatives of each type of health care.”

Overall our GCE news crew did a great job at Linden LLC and we look forward to maybe working with them again.  This is HD signing out! Hope you enjoyed!