For my global health cure class, I interviewed Alica who is a nurse at children’s memorial hospital and I wanted to find out what her opinion was on our health care system. I also interviewed Ben Ryugo from Linden LLC. They’re information can help me find out how our health care system works and what needs to be better. There opinions were similar until I asked if our health care could be improved. They both replied yes but Ben mentioned that we have a long way to go until it is good, but Alica said we don’t really have to change much of the system.  Please read my script and listen to my interview below.

Live from GCE Chicago, this is MML and there is breaking news about health insurance in the United States of America. It turns out that 16.3% of the US population is not ensured with health insurance and its dropping according to Eric Larson. I had a interview with research scientist Ben Ryugo on his opinion on health insurance, and he thinks we have to keep on improving our health insurance. In our interview I asked Ben, is healthcare a right or privilege? He answered with, “ I think on one level it is a right, but to a extent it’s a privilege. For example, I think health care should be a right but if you want to choose and pay for the exact hospital and doctor, that should be the privilege.”

I also interviewed Alicia who is a nurse at the Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago. During this interview, I was looking forward to hear Alicia’s opinion on health care and where she thinks the system is headed now. The first question I asked was, “In your opinion, is healthcare a right or privilege. She replied, “ I feel like it is both because when you think about it, you need health care for life, and it should provide the things you need.” I also asked, what the United States would look like if we had universal health care? She replied saying, “ It would be a hot mess, but I think we will be able to pull it off if it was organized enough.”

In conclusion, Alicia thinks our health care is good enough for the citizens of the United States, but Ben Ryugo think we have a way to go if we want a good health care system. What do you think? Do we have good health care? This is MML signing off.