In my global health cure class, we did a news reports to understand if health care is a fundamental right for people. We had to interview two people about what they think about health care. Here is my report.

News report script:                                                                                                        Hello this is MY from GCE high school reporting about health care in America compared to the rest of the world. I went out to the city and interviewed people that have a good background in health care. I interviewed Eric Larson, and Ben Ryugo from Linden LLC.Mr. Larson holds an AB in Biology from Harvard College and an MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. He has a good background in health care. One of the questions I asked him a question was,”what would a perfect health care system look like?”. He said that there will never be a perfect health care. There can be a good health care which is keeping people healthy, and doing physical therapy instead of just sitting in a hospital and getting medicine in other words makes the patient feel good. Another question I asked him was “how can he improve health care in America?” He said to spend more money on research and primary care to prevent illness.                                                                                 Ben Ryugo, whose father is a research scientist, formerly at Johns Hopkins Medical Center and now at a national research institution in Australia. Mr. Ryugo holds a BA in Psychology and a BSBA in Finance from Washington University in St. Louis. My question I asked him how can he improve america’s health care?” He said to we need to spend more time educating people and spend money on research. Another question I asked him was, “ Is healthcare a right or a privilege?” He said health care is both because it is a safety thing that everyone should have access to it. It is a right so you can take advantage of it. It is a privilege so you can get a better care, more money. and it is also a responsibility because you are taking care of yourself.

Over all, people have different prospective of health care systems like Mr.Larson and Mr.Ryugo. They both like to improve health care by educating people. What is your opinion of health care? How can you help to improve it? This is MY, thank you for listening.