For my global health cure class, we created a news report at Linden LLC in Chicago. We did this because he found a way to incorporate buisiness and science into a company. He had alot to say about the current health care system in America. We interviewed the co-founder, Eric Larson, and 3 of his employees. Their names were Dr. Neil Varshney, Ben Ryugu, and a medical doctor from Northwestern University.

News Script:

Yo im spittin the news to make it cool.
Comin to you live from GCE highschool.
Interviewing the very sharpest shed tools
From a place called Linden LLC.
Where biology and finances can meet.
Buyin a buisness and puttin it on the market.
A company started by Eric Larson.
Since my rap is done and i aint got nothin to do
Im gonna start my milestone interview.

Dr Neil Varshney
Question: Growing up in the south, you mentioned the health care was poor, did you ever run into any problems?

Answer: As a child, I never ran into any problems, because my parents knew the right doctors. Although, now that they are older, it is hard for me to find good doctors to treat their illness’s.

Question:  Give a grade for health care in America, 1-10.

If you know the right people, and are careful with your money, it can be an 8 or  a 9.  Although, if you don’t follow those guidelines, it’s around 2 or 3.

Eric Larson (Founder of LLC)

Q: You mentioned that you studied science and biochemistry in college, and now you are in business. How did you make that transfer?

A: Well, I knew that I loved studying science, but business was the most successful industry. I found a way to incorporate the two. I did this by starting Linden LLC. What we do is fund companies that do cell research or do health care research. This way i can get the best of both worlds.

Q: How long have you been in the business? Have you learned anything?

A: I have been in this business since 1984. I have learned that in business, you always want to be looking ahead to the next step or next big idea. If you focus on each and every waking minute, your competition is going to blow you away.

This is SM signing out, thanks for listening.