For our third milestone in Global Health Cure (math & science), we made a news report.  I interviewed the founder of Linden LLC, Eric Larson.  Linden is a private equity firm that specializes in health care.  The purpose of this interview was to gather information about health care to have a better understanding of the system in America as well as the whole world.  By clicking below you can listen to my report!

news report transcript:

From GCE Chicago it’s JH with a report about health care.  Today, we are going to talk about health care and the difference between public and private healthcare. We talked about the quality of our current ‘Obama Care’ plan and if health care is a privilege or a right.  We talked with the founder of Linden LLC, Eric Larson.  Linden LLC is a health care and life science private equity firm.  I thought Eric Larson would be an excellent person to interview, and he was; we had a conve rsation and this is how it went.  I asked him about what the bare bones health bone plan for all Americans should be.  He responded that there is no basic need because everyone needs different medical care, what a marine needs is different from what a pregnant woman, or an old man might need.  I then asked Ben Ryugo (a employee at Linden) if health care is a right, or a privilege.  He responded: Every American should have healthcare, someone shouldn’t be denied health care because they can’t afford it.  I’d like to thank Linden LLC for letting us interview them, this is JH signing out.