For my global health cure class, we created news reports. In our news reports we included two interviews.  We did this to understand if everyone should have health care.

Why should everyone have health care?

Hi this is ZP from GCE Chicago High School. I am here to talk about whether or not everyone should have health care. Since there is a lot of controversy in this subject; I decided to interview a few people to get in depth opinions.

News report Script:

I interviewed Eric Larson; who is a partner manager at Linden LLC. I asked him if he felt everyone should have healthcare, even if they couldn’t afford it. He said that everyone should have basic health care that works like a safety net. He also said that if you pay more, you should get more.

I also interviewed a Northwestern medical student. I asked what she thought was better, private or public healthcare. She thinks that private healthcare is better because there is more room for technology production. However some people think that technology isn’t making the system more helpful and is just making it more expensive. As a consensus, most people feel that everyone should have healthcare. This is  ZP thanks for listening. Healthcare by user4353414