For student enterprise we got the chance to present our business plans to some employees at SandBox.

Sandbox is an organization in which they create, invest and explore new business ideas. Sandbox represents a new model of business development. One that helps upuncoming entrepreneurs and is redefining the way great ideas are transformed into successul companies.

One thing I learned from sandbox was how possible my business was to create.  Hearing how the people at Sandbox thought my business was something their company would be interested in made me really want to make this dream possible. SandBox gave me confidence that my business is not just a school project but that it could be so much more and do great things.

I could improve on my business presentation by making sure to add more pictures, and a graph explaining the financing parts. I want to make sure I incorporate the 3 areas to which my organization travels.

Sandbox gave me ideas in which I can improve my business. One of the ideas they gave me was to work more on the financial aspects of the business and the cost of how much the trip would actually be. They also suggested I worked on how I planned to market my business.