Why: We went to Sandbox industries to explore different business opportunities and get advice from professional business people. We presented a formal powerpoint about our business plans to them and each received different kinds of advice from the people working there.

Something I Learned: The business world is not all suits and seriousness. It can be fun, different, and laidback yet at the same time, can display professionalism. I felt very comfortable in the room I was presenting in because it was warm and inviting. A place like Sandbox industries made me excited to go into the business world.

Tips on my Business Plan: I could improve on the explanation on my financial plan. It was somewhat all over the place during my presentation so I have to make it easier to understand.

Tips on my Presentation: I have to be more clear on my marketing strategy and on how I am going sterilize all of the used sports equipment in my company. They really stressed that I should focus on how much it all costs and how it will all work.