The purpose of my endurance challenge was to say how women speak through dance, like some people say “be seen and don’t be heard”.

I decided to research different types of dances and combine all of them together to come up with one big dance, and record myself doing the dance without words.

The hardest part was trying to get the some of the dances that I really never tried to do before and learn them. Also, just trying to make some of the 20s, so that I can have more time to do other dances and don’t go over the limit, so I can have more time to do other dances that I thought meant “Women Empowerment”.

If I knew it beforehand, I would have probably did something different because this was more challenging than a lot of other projects that I had to do, but at the same time I really like a challenge because it pushes me to know that I could do whatever I want to do, if I put all the effort into it.

I am proud of myself for learning new dances, because I am not a big fan of learning new things. I am a hip hop dancer and the types of dances that I learned put me outside of the box, doing something new. Some of the dances that I learned are: African dance, Japanese dance, Prays dance, Inspirational dance. I combined all together and made them into one big dance.