The most effective thing for me to engage the participants in my guiding question was to relate to their lives in some way or to have them think about a time they have noticed this in maybe just not disney movies but the media in general.

What I might do differently next time would be maybe finding a shorter video so I wouldn’t have to pause it in the middle of it.

Yes I do believe that my guiding question has changed my views on what I believe affects kids views on gender from a small age. Before creating this guiding question and discussion I did not really think of children’s movies to have an impact on creating sexism or gender inequality but I can see that now.

I have learned as a facilitator that the best discussions are the ones where you can keep on bouncing questions off each other or base your next question off the previously answered one. Also bringing in both sides and maybe some examples from their own personal lives can really help provoke the participants to get more involved with the conversation overall.


The scenario is a video on youtube showing examples of how gender equality/sexism is portrayed in children’s films. It relates because it shows you the image the media creates for males and females at a young age

This scenario interests me because I feel that this really could be a big reason of way people from a young age can develop an image of man and women.

My conversation will be on the question, does the media from a young age create men and women to be sexist?

My type of discussion I will be conducting for my class will be a circle discussion.

After this I will the class doing the talking for a little. Basing some of my new questions off the responses of others.

How can you see that in children’s movies, disney movies etc?  give me an example.

Do you feel it may have had an effect on how you perceive or used to perceive men and women?

At the end of my discussion I will ask for the participants to reflect on what they feel and if their ideas of disney movies/ children’s movies has developed in any way.