The two characters I chose to work with Kate from Taming of the Shrew were Flava Flave and Brian Scalabrine. I chose these two because Flava Flave is a sexist person and Brian Scalabrine is openly a very generous person.

If I could have the last word in this dialogue it would be thank you to Scalabrine and I prefer writing dialogue more than a monologue. I prefer writing dialogue because I like to be able to control how people act and react in a play.


Kate, Scalabrine, and Flava flave are all in line at the DMV.

Flava Flave: Man, I hate the DMV.

Kate: Can you please stop complaining? You’ve haven’t shut up since I got here.

Flava flave: Well then, maybe you shouldn’t be here. After all women can’t drive anyways.

Kate: Excuse me? That’s unbelievably offensive!

Flava Flave: I think My clock says it’s time to for you to stop talking!

Kate: Do you know what I’ve done to defend my rights as a woman? Do you know the endurance of man and woman in the great streets of Padua? Do you really believe that woman have more rights than men?  Please enlighten me.

Flava flave: Bla Bla Bla. Have you seen my TV show? How many woman I have lining up for me? I am Flava Flave. My son has spinning rims on his tricycle. Women ain’t got nothin on me.

The man from behind the counter out of his space and joins the argument.

Scalabrine: Excuse me sir, if you keep your behavior up, I’m gonna have to ask to leave.

Flava flave: And just who are you?

Scalabrine: I am 3rd string power forward for the chicago bulls, Brian Scalabrine.

Flava Flave: Oh ya, I seen you, you suck at basketball.

Scalabrine: I seen you rap, you suck at rapping. And you’re sexist I don’t allow that. I think the world stands behind me in saying that we don’t allow that. Look at the history of women. How strong women have become, how long they have fought. From Suasn B. Anthony to Hillary Clinton, women have stayed strong. Read the texts of shakespeare. Women are people too. They’re tough like we’re tough, they grind like we grind. You have to understand that.

Flava Flave: Fine den, how bout you see me in a rap battle?

Scalabrine: Fine.

The names Scalabrine, you can call me Brian,
I’m gonna start rappin, you gonna start cryin

Flava flave: The names Flava flave, Im in yo face. they call me flava, you can have a taste.
Women ain’t right, women is stupid.
Women are for love, the rest, they’re useless.

Scalabrine: Before you start talk talkin, you gotta start thinkin.
Women are strong look at Hillary Clinton.
There is a future, we’re tryin envision.
A whole new world, men and women are equal.
Part 1 is done and we wanna make a sequel.
All of your lies, are corrupting the youth.
All women fight, like Sojourner Truth.
they’re fightin in the streets while I’m spittin in the booth.

Flava Flave: Dats it! I can’t take it. I’m leavin! I have been defeated. I understand my poor ways now. “I just want to say good luck with your life, your future, your goals, and your families..” Never again will I mistreat women. Scalabrine has shine the light in the tunnel.

Kate: Thank you Scalabrine!! I don’t think he’ll be sexist like that anymore! Now, Let me ask you all something. What does it take to sway your opinions? What does it take to sway a global opinion?