Body politic means:people who are subjected to or owe allegiance to a single organized political governmental authority, such as a state or country.
In Sudan and South Sudan the was a problem about Islam and Christianity. The differences of religious beliefs between the two countries cause the conflict. They have been fighting for 22 years . They made an agreement for peace but  it lasted only for a short time.
The president of Sudan, Bashir, is unable to maintain the economic and prosperity promise to the general population. The government  and power will be questioned. because the oil was shut down by the South Sudan,so there is no  enough money for his people.

Sudan and South went back to war because of oil,they didn’t understand each other and they both think there are rights at the  same time. Bashir people are not happy with their president because Bashir just only make decision for himself but not considering his people and that doesn’t help them.