The purpose of this Endurance challenge was to spend twelve to twenty four hours focused on only our missions. Each hour we were supposed to do some kind of activity that goes along with the lesson we taught to the endurance class. Every hour we had to film about 10 seconds of what it felt to do one activity for a long amount of time.
I decided to research different forms of meditation since my lesson was on a breathing exercise. I am always very curious to see how meditation can release stress and tension from ones life. I wanted to figure out which form worked best for me so I tried a bunch.
The hardest part was actually filming how I felt afterwards because I would start to rant about all the different emotions I was feeling. My teacher and I had to end up cutting a lot of the footage and making my about eight minute long video into two four minute videos.
If I knew it beforehand, I would have wrote out a script of exactly what to say so I wouldn’t talk too much.
I am proud of my video overall because it took a lot of time and I actually enjoyed doing it. The form of meditation I found most helpful was sound meditation because I felt refreshed afterwards. My head felt clear and my body felt more rested.

BR END Time-Lapse Part #2 from GCE on Vimeo.