For the Student Enterprise course, we created a business plan aligned with the 8 millenium development goals. During this project, I worked with GF to create our plan. We created Global Ethos which is a service trip program for people 18 and older to travel to Paraguay. They can relate to the people in need on a personal and meaningful level. We hope to be able to provide our clients with a trip in which they use their skill sets to change peoples lives. We want to extend our service trip to more places around the world. Hopefully this is a business we can continue working on. I hope one day I’ll be able to see people going on these trips. Creating this business plan was a struggle and took a lot of hard work to complete. In the end, I know our hard work is shown in our plan. We could use some more supporters to make this plan come true. Overall, this experience and class taught  me to be prepared to face this dog eat dog business world.  With the advice and ideas I learned, I will keep  working on my plan to take it farther.

If you click below you can check out our business plan!