In our Drama class, I had to facilitate a conversation that has to do with gender equality. My topic was, Who should be hired, men or woman news anchors? The most effecting things in my guiding question was the part about if you were in the man’s shoes and you got fired because you were old and you need a hot looking woman anchor, how would you feel? The one thing I would do differently is have a video because I feel like my audience would have been more interesting. This conversation didn’t really change my mind because I always had the answers in my head. By facilitating this conversation, I learned that when you talk to a group of people, you always need to keep their attention. Please view my lesson plan below.
I want to start of the converssation with a qustion
Then I want to take a vote on what people think
Talk about why they voted that certain thimg
Take one more vote
End conversation with question