photo by: Steve Higginbotham

For our Milestone Four we had to structure a conversation. I showed a video that shows my guiding question clearly. With that I asked open ended questions that involved opinions only so there won’t be right or wrong.I think I would ask more questions and make the topic clear so people can see both sides clearly. It didn’t really change because everyone had their own opinion, but it made me see others differently. I learned that asking open ended question will help the conversation move on with expressing people’s opinions.

Do you think what Mahmood did was right? why?why not? This is my guiding question. While I was watching a movie called, Not without my daughter. It was such an interesting story to me especially that it was a real life story. While I was watching the movie I was really interested in hearing other peoples opinions about what happen in the movie, That is why I chose the question.

For the class we will sit in a circle and let each person share their individual opinions and i will be challenging them with the reasons I have from my perspective.
My Action Plan I will show the trailer of the movie which is going to be an excellent explanation of the movie and my question. I will start talking about the story of the movie and saying the main points like, Mahmood is a doctor and he lost his job in america Mahmood they have been married for nine years
He swore to betty that they will be back
How you will help the conversation progress and focus in on your Guiding Question? after I explain the movie and my guiding question I will leave it to the students sharing their opinions. Along the way I will be challenging every opinion. How you will bring the conversation to a close: after we discuss we will ask them to write their opinion on peace of paper and then I will collect them and say them at loud anonymously.
You’re Both Sides–
Please lay out 3 possible and thoughtful answers to your Guiding Question,
explaining each option in detail (3+ sentences each).
1-my first reason is that he had his religion and his family and a big force from them
2-My second is that he wants his daughter to grew up in the community he grew up in and start learning the culture and the religion.
3-he lost his job and he found a good job in iran

Not Without My Daughter movie trailer.