For my global health cure class, my group made a talk show explaining why and how the United Nations could combat global diseases. Also,we looked at how the United Nations could use math to solve global diseases.

Below is my video and script of the talk show:

Scene: Talk show: GCE talk
JP,RJ, and ZP are sitting in chairs. That are in a circle.

ZP: Hi I’m ZP
RJ: Hi I’m RJ
JP: Hi i’m Jazzy J
MY: Hi i’m MY

ZP: Hello. Welcome to GCE talk. Today we are going to talk about the United Nations and how they will combat global diseases.

ZP: Jazzy J why should the nations combat global diseases?

JP: For one it’s their responsibility to help all people. That’s why they’re called the united nations. Their united to work together and make the world a better place for all people to live. Diseases kill people and it’s not ok for the united nations to ignore the problem.

JP: So ZP since I explained why the united nations should combat global diseases , can you explain what should the united nations do to combat global diseases?

ZP:The united nations should spread awareness about diseases and teach people how to avoid them. They should help discover cures by funding researchers, and supply medicine to people who don’t have access to it.

RJ: You know what I totally agree with you ZP. Now it’s time to get the audience involved. Who would like to ask a question?

Scene: RJ points to MY : Would you like to ask the question?

MY: How does mathematics help the united nations to solve diseases?

RJ: Good question. Well I think is that math is important because it helps doctors know the number of people who need medicine. Also, mathematics can create a budget and spend appropriately. Math is also helpful when giving out prescriptions.

JP: That’s all we have for today folks. Thanks for watching GCE talk. See you next time.

Scene: Music plays and we zoom out. Everyone waves goodbye.