For our global health cure class, I made a video about United Nation’s goals which prevent disease problems around the world.


Why should the United Nations combat global diseases?

They should help to prevent diseases from spreading. Now people are suffering because they lose people every time and that could decrease the economy due to the population. But if UN succeeds, the world would be a new place with full of hope and good health. We would live free from worrying.

How mathematics help United Nations combat global diseases?

We all know that we need to know how many people are there in the world. in order to do that we goddamn need math to count. You use mathematical equations to know how much people are in a specific area. We would need math by counting or using equations to figure:

– How many people is affected by disease?
– How much to spend?
– How much to give?
– Where are diseases most common?
– What to do?

What should the United Nations do to combat global diseases?

They need to focus on more affected areas because it could distinct the population from the diseases. The less affected area to should have an eye on by UN because when it spreads it would make the UN do a lot of work. The other consideration would be the UN to inspire other organization to help out because this world is not small.

What do you think about what the UN is doing? Why?

I think they are doing a great thing because no one can predict what’s going to happen to the world’s population but at least we know that the UN’s actions will make a big difference. If I had to say something about the UN, it would be keep it up and inspire people or share this idea.

Is there any other organizations that does same thing as the UN, combat diseases?

Yes, recently I learned that there is an organization that only focuses on malaria. Because this disease is the top killer, many people die from this disease especially in Africa. But their actions changed the deaths or prevent this disease more than 25%. They want determined to help the world reach the global goal of near zero malaria deaths in Africa by 2015. I wish I would have an opportunity to do the same in the world.