The purpose of this Endurance paper was: to “meet” one of the characters that we read about and “talk” to them.

I chose to connect to V.I Warshawski, because she is an detective and I want to be an homicide detective, so I though that was pretty cool.

I am proud of the way that I used her in my story/dialog.

I learned that there is a challenge when you are trying to be someone else — and trying to see what they would see.

Here is an excerpt of my paper:

Friend: New New girl did you just hear that?
New New: Heard what?
Friend: Them gunshots.
New New: Naw. But who got shot?
Friends: I don’t know.Let me go on the porch in see?
New New: Alright.
Friend: New New. You won’t believe it man, but that’s yo uncle
New New: Naw man you playing, don’t say nothin like that.
Friend: I’m being serious. Go look outside in see I’m telling you the truth.

That’s life growing up and Cabrini Green projects, where the sounds of gunshots are the same as school bells when it’s time for the kids to get out of school. As I walked up to him and seen his body and the parking lot inside of my head “he ain’t dead”, he just sleeping peacefully, cause I don’t see any blood on his body, but they told me that he was bleeding internally. Then I finally realize that it’s reality when I heard somebody on the phone talking to the police saying:

The man on the phone: “we need an ambulance we have a man shot dead in the parking lot”
The officer: Okay sir can you tell me what’s your location?
The man on the phone: 1230 N. Burling parking lot.
The Officer: Okay I will send somebody over right away.
The man on the phone: Thank you.