The community I chose was Syria. I chose Syria because it means a lot to me. I lived there half of my life. I have had touched the warmth of the Syrian people. I care for the whole by helping others and caring for the community. I think my most creative choice was not using any of my own words in the poem I did this so I could challenge myself to find good evidence.

-”I am my homeland” “My land knows me and I know my land”
-”Syria under the leadership of President Al-Assad will become a model in the Arab world after accomplishing the reforms announced by the Syrian leadership.”
-we urgue all nations to work together to support the democratic aspirations of the syrian people”
-the conflict has become a war of attrition that grows more dangerous as it goes along
-we’re focused on how we help them be more unified, communicate more clearly, have a message to all their Syrian counterparts who are not yet convinced that it’s in their interests for
Assad to go.”
– “The Syrian army which still stands behind al-Assad, could fight back. It is a strong and powerful army.”
-”Who are you mr.President”- to use force against protesters would be more plausible than tunisia or egypt were.
– when presidents called for assad to step down, he was not only in prepared to lead, but even follow for the syrian opposition has drafted it’s own position in its own blood.
-”I personally have touched the great trust of the Syrian People in President Bashar Al-Assad, who is committed to carry out huge reforms in his country.”
People in Syria don’t deserve what is happening, I wish everything can go back the way it was and the people live happy and peaceful as they usually are. I wish nothing can change, the feeling of warmth you feel when you live in Syria the peace you feel when you talk to their people, and how safe you feel walking between them.



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