In our drama class, we chose a community to work on and had to create a type of peom and collage to describe it. For example, my community was the city, and I choose it because I live in the city and  I was wondering why there was so much construction going on in one certain period of time. Then I started thinking about if any one was trying to reconstruct their building to be green. That is what my poem and collage was about, What Would Our Community Look Like in the Future? Would it be a greener city. We also had to describe and add phrases like looking out for a whole, which means a group of people looking out for each other. The most creative part in this epic has to be how I connected the poem to the bibliography. Please view my poem below.

I wonder why we use asphalt and concrete
maybe to be discreet with our feet (foot print)
Maybe I was just wondering why we have to have “green maps” these days
Maybe to provide a blissful day for us
Maybe to show us that the world is changing
We are showing that we care about it
But do you think they are doing this to scare us, I doubt it
They tell us that we have programs
but programs won’t cut it for us these days
To end this on a good note
we are currently a size 25
But our eyes see it differently
Do you think we can change?