For our Drama class(english & history), we did a poem or piece of spoken word for out fourth and final milestone.  We chose a community that we are present and invested in to.  I chose Family as my community, while trying to answer the question: what does caring for the community as a whole mean for you or what does being political mean for you.  Feel free to read my speech below.


It’s about family.  Lengths a family will go to, to keep another family member alive. Someone needed to take care of the grandmother of a family, so 14 year old Chris Martin stepped up to watch over his grandmother while his mother, father, and sister were at a softball game. We aren’t all equal and it’s okay, some will try much harder to keep families afloat. Just like Sergeant Kevin Anton held is 10 month old’s hands and knew he needed to leave the army for a safer career.  Returning from work, the veteran moves from ‘Intel Specialist’ to being a nurse.  Sometimes families just don’t get it.  A grandmother fell down the stairs while holding her 5 month old grandson, and that isn’t the worse part.  After going to the emergency room they found out that the baby was going to be severely disabled after the accident.  At this point the family sued the grandmother for failing to take reasonable care of the baby.