This unit on sarvodaya made me realize its meaning and how it is shown in different positions. The lecture and the film Freedom Song helped me get into more about sarvodaya and how it was used in problems like “segregation” and “apartheid”. I never knew on how important this unit was to all and what would happen to the world if it was not there. The project that I did also helped me define the meaning of this principle and how it helps in many situations. I never knew how the people used this ancient principle for “segregation” or “apartheid”. This is very important to me and to everyone who learn this. The things that I did helped me in every way possible to understand this principle. These two freedom songs helped me understand it and how it was used.

Harry Belafonte Freedom Song

I am so tired of fighting all day long

to keep civil rights for everyone.

My name is Harry Belafonte.

I am an American singer, songwriter, actor,

and most importantly a social activist.

I’ve worked with Martin Luther King Jr. and

supported the Civil Right Movement

to keep rights for every single person.


Most people think that not everyone should have civil rights

but I think they’re wrong in every single way.

Even though I was blacklisted during the McCarthy Era

I strengthen the movement a lot by bailing King out of jail and

helped release other civil rights protesters out of prison.

This shouldn’t happen to these people of

different color or ethnicity.

I have civil rights, and

everyone should have them, too.


All have risen to Martin Luther King Jr. about civil rights and

so have I.

I’ve financed the Freedom Rides,

supported voter registration drives,

and helped to organize the March on Washington.

This should be right for all and only for all.

I know who I am in this fight and

it should be for everyone too not just for me.

My Freedom Song

Many feelings and moods

make me become who I am today.

My name is Kush Garg.

I am a singer, mathematics expert,

and a creative person.

I am a kind and gentle person

who wants to be friends with everyone and

not make them my enemies.


I am sometimes kind to everyone but

not to the ones I hate.

My feelings sometimes betray me and

brings out something dark inside.

My anger grows stronger from

the people who won’t leave me alone.

I try my best to control it but

it is hard to take control of.


To all the people who have this problem also

don’t be ashamed of it.

Try to be like me and help

control what needs to be controlled.

To everyone of this problem

rise up against this fear and make it obey you.

This is a power that must be overcome and

put to rest once and for all.