Throughout the whole week we have learned the meaning of Sarvodaya from many perspectives. The meaning of Sarvodaya is that everyone is equal, and we are not segregated into groups. I believe that Sarvodaya exists in some places not all. It depends on where you are, because I know many places that are still a little discriminated and Sarvodaya definitely does not exist.

Harvey Milk’s Freedom Song
I am the one with protruding ears, big nose, and oversized feet.
Many know me as Harvey Milk.
I ran for a political office three times, but I have been unsuccessful.
But in 1977 I became a city supervisor.
I served for 11 months in office being in charge of passing regulations on gay rights.
On 1978 in Mid-November it was a very tragic day for both me and the mayor George Moscone we were assassinated by Dan White.
I have hidden my true identity for 40 years.
I am a proud gay activist.
Not many people think that it is right to be gay and run for a political position, but I believed in my supporters, and myself.
A lot of people have disguised themselves for society to appreciate them, but not me.
I came out and now I am one of the most famous LGBT officials in the United States.

I did not have to use violence to make any of this happen.
I showed my leadership non violently and eventually got support from many people.
Using my voice,
Using my power
was all I needed to create peace.

My Freedom Song
I was born to be a leader.
To show the world that I am not afraid.
Proving that women are all equal.
And we can do whatever men do.
Motivation is all it takes.
Men will not be able to take our jobs.
We are not going to start a new segregation on women’s equal rights.
Segregation is something we will not go towards.
Everyone including women will have the chance to prove that we are equal.

We are going to do it the non-violent way.
No fights, nor will there be deaths.
We are going to protest, and get what we want the right way.