Returning to GCE, I feel refreshed and excited to exchange ideas on how to make this coming year the best one yet! As we discuss plans for this coming year’s curriculum, my mind is reeling on how to write creative and current lessons to excite the right side of our brains. Most recently, I was extremely inspired by Rashid Johnson’s exhibit Message to Our Folks currently up at the Museum of Contemporary Arts.

A Chicago native hailing from Wicker Park, Rashid takes huge inspiration from the Afro-Futurism movement and explores a huge range of disciplines in his works from race identity (giving props to jazz, rap, and influential figures such as Frederick Douglas and W.E.B. Du Bois) to science to magical realism to non-Western theories on the creation of the Universe.  Through photography, video, and sculpture- Rashid tells us the about his culture and identity and brings us through his metaphysical journey as he explores the Universe and the Self.

I wonder what Messages our students will have for their Folks.