This man was a fighter even though the civil right fight wasn’t even his and inspired many to do something that otherwise they would not do. Sarvodaya is base the rising of everyone and the equality to all the living things Myles Horton show this things. 

Myles Horton Freedom Song

I’m just Myles Horton
but Some call me “The father of the civil rights movement”.
They can’t see that
I’m just a normal teacher fighting for a better world.
I was never a wealthy person
but that didn’t stop me.
The struggles I faced to make my voice be heard
because me my home and things I value.
The first time to be arrested was for standing up to the oppression
and the police arrested me
for “getting information and carrying it and teaching it”.
Many try cutting my wings
either by putting me down or by closing my school
because I was teaching civil rights.
I could die any day
but the idea and the dream of someday being equal
would live and there would be someone to keep the idea protected.
I wanted to be an example to others to not give up.
I study and work a nonviolent ideology that lead me
to peaceful people who would someday
make a difference in the world.

My Freedom Song

I’m never the same
sometimes i try new things
and may never finish them and regretting even trying.
If something could describe me that would be
a question mark
not even i know what
keeps me going some times.
The lack of pale in my skin

makes me a target
to those people
that have blue eyes
and blonde hair
that’s the one thing that still
keeps me awake
in the dark night.
Those things disappear
when i think of someone name
He gives me strength
to keep going to fight
there’s is always a new day for me.
Now i know why i keep going
to fight
against the people that
want to arrest my dreams
that’s why i keep going.