The purpose of this assignment was to write about a civil rights activist as if I were them. While writing about the person we chose, we were suppose to explain how they faced and used Sarvoaya, one of Gandhi’s four princables, to over come their conflicts. I chose Septima Poinsette Clark, a civil rights activist during the 19th-late 20th centuary, because of her tremendous persistance in striving for a better education for African Americans and also for trying to fight for equal rights. Clark devoted her life, despite loosing her job for equal rights, and because of that I have a lot of repect and admiration towards her.

Poinsette Clark Freedom Song

I am the “Grandmother of the American Civil Rights Movement.”
I am a teacher.
I am a mother.
I am Septima Poinsette Clark.
Many believe that I don’t have a voice.
That we (African Americans) don’t have a voice.
They think it’s okay to have us illiterate.
They think it’s okay to have us not be able to vote.
They think it’s okay to have us mistreated like we are animals.
Like WE are UNEQUALS.I lost my job as a teacher for nearly two decades because I decided to take a stand against injustice.
Because I decided to teach the illiterate
Because I tryed to have the blacks salary for teaching the same as whites.
But I will not give up.
I will not be oppressed.
I will be treated as an equal.
And I will educate my people.
To make them know.
To make them believe.
That they have a reason to vote
And be educated
Because we are no different than the white man standing in a corner eating a hamburger.

My Freedom Song

I was the girl who was always too afraid.
Too afraid up stand- up for myself.
Too afraid to believe I was worthy.
Too afraid to take chances.
I’ve been bullied.
I’ve been told i’m not capable of succeeding.
That i’m not intelligent.
That I don’t belong.There are times where I’ve wanted to hurt the people who hurt me
So they can feel my pain.
So they can feel my sadness.
So they can feel my agony.
But then I wondered…
Is this the person who I want to be?
Close minded and resentful?
I will not be like the rest of them.
I will take the other route.
The RIGHT route.
In being patient and non- violent.
I will not rely on the compliments of others, but I will believe
That I am worthy.
That I am intelligent.
That I do belong.
But most importantly,
I will believe that I am capable of speaking up whenever I feel like it.