Hearing Satish Kumar’s lecture and learning the meaning of Sarvodaya, I can closely relate to the meaning: setting everyone in equal status among each other, starting from the lowest.  Having to do a freedom song based on a person that fits the meaning of Sarvodaya, I choose Tenzin Gyatso.  He won the Nobel Peace Prize and he caught for many civil rights for not only his people, but people all over the world.  He faught for women’s rights, gun laws, righteous abortion laws, and for the environment around us.  He scarified the safety of his own life and home in order to make things fairer for everyone.

I am Tenzin Gyatso.

I grew up as a Buddhist monk.

At the age of 15,

the weight of my people has been set on me.

It’s hard, but I must go on

Being the 14th Dalai lama, not everyone appreciates my position.

Land is not free either.

Exiled to India, I poured my feelings onto the others around me,

I showed them my ways.

I showed them happiness.

I showed them compassion.

Through my teaching and values,

fighting for homosexuality,

joining the fight for women’s rights,

and supporting fairness,

everyone understands now,

and my job is done.