Angela  Davis is famous for more than her notorious afro, she had a crucial role in the civil rights movement. The main focus of her political involvement was and still is the state of prisons in the United States. This person really caught my eye because of her life long struggle to strive for integration and equality for all, and her deep concern for people who are considered a hopeless cause instilled the desire for me to learn her past.

Angela Davis– Freedom Song

I have endured


For the advancement

I have been jailed

I have been mistreated

I have felt the pain of losing the lives of loved ones to hate

I understand the tough journey towards integration

I have a desire

To show people the reality

To expose the injustice taking place

For the forgotten people of the world

I have to share the truth that slavery still exists for these people

I am armed with



And knowledge

And I am ready to finish this fight

I know the road to freedom is always stalked by pain

But I am ready

Because this fight is worth the struggle