Q: What should be posted to our course blog?

A: The blog is for finalized work only.  All edits and revisions should be made before posting, and the instructor(s) should approve student work before it is posted.  Even though we only use student initials on the blog, it is still a public site that reflects the school, teachers and students, so all work should be in its most polished form.


Q: How do I publish student work on the blog?

A: All instructors are given administrator rights on the blog, while students are given contributor rights.  This means that when students submit work on the blog, its status will show up as ‘Pending’ until it is approved and posted by an administrator.  To publish the post, click on ‘Edit’ and then ‘Publish’.

Administrators are also able to post images with each blog post by clicking the round icon next to ‘Upload/Insert’ at the top left of the editing box.


Q: Why should I categorize posts on the blog?

A: By categorizing posts, it is easier to search for topics on the blog.  We recommend categorizing by Unit name, so that all student work for that unit will show up in the same place.  When future students are looking for examples of past student work, they may search by unit name on the blog and see many examples for the same assignment all in the same place.


Q: Why should I tag posts on the blog?

A: Tagging helps organize information inside the blog, and on the Internet.  Tags serve as keywords when you do an internet search, so the more Tags we include, the more likely our blog will appear when someone does an Internet search.


Q: How do I create a new Google Doc?

A: Google has an extensive series of tutorials on how to use Google Docs. To learn how to create a new doc, visit this tutorial.