Immortal Technique – Freedom Song

I have a life and it has a purpose

So I’d die for my people than live worthless

Incarcerated for my beliefs

& given name Immortal Technique


They’ve got an eye on us

Keepin’ us confined

Saying it’s just a conspiracy theory

Stealing land and bombing innocent people

Making the patriotic believe lies

& corporate America fall into lies


I believe that revolution is the highest level of change,

Not just replacing people who are in power.

We need to educate our selves about the government

Understand everything in its complexity

& Start a new Revolution, to bring Change.


My Freedom Song

I’m a believer.

love and care for others,

I believe in the American Dream.

I believe in rags to riches,

& I have a firm conviction in practicing charity.


I understand the latino struggle,

I know what immigrants feel like.

I see the people who hate us,

I don’t understand, ’cause we’re so alike.


If we don’t like a problem we deal with it.

We find the source and we kill it.

We need to speak up for the sake of humanity.

Not for one, but for all.