Sarvodaya is the act of everything coming together peacefully and leaving nothing behind. Myles Horton portrays sarvodaya in his work because he promoted integrated schools and tries to give everyone an equal chance. Through my interviewI learned that all white people were not always against the thought of black rights. I also learned what the definition of sarvodaya was. I think that the main thing that I learned from researching Myles Horton was perseverance and that he never gave up on his dreams. Here are the two songs that I wrote.

Myles Horton Freedom Song;
I am
Myles Horton
Educator for freedom
Founder of
Highland Folk School
One of the first integrated schools
I must give
Everyone an equal opportunity
No one left behind

I taught
Many people in
The movement
As if they were
Everyone else
I taught
People how
To have a voice
By voting
I helped
The song
We Shall Overcome

I teach that
We are all one
And that to overcome
Anything we must
Be organized
People say
That I am communistic
To slander me
Peacefully I
Denied it
Even though
I do not
Demean it
I look at it as
Another belief
To be included
My school came
Together to
Give the miners
At Wilder
I accept everyone
To my school
No one is
Left behind

My Freedom Song

I am Strength
Not in the sense
Of physical but
I push past racism
In my everyday life
I do not use it as
A crutch for personal

I do not allow
People to take
Of race
I object racial slander
I do not let it impact my

I strive for a world
With no racial attacks
And I fight this with my
When I see racism
I will tell
The user that this
Is a
Horrendous act towards
I was the
Co-leader of
The students of
I use my words as my
Sinking the holders
Of racial terms
Breaking the barriers
Of inequality
To push out most
Of these terms
Until they are